Cous beans taste better with feta!

It’s National Vegetarian Week! No, I didn’t know either. But, since it’s my third week as a self-righteous* vegetarian, I thought I’d take up this opportunity to kick off my ‘Veggie Tate’ section, sprouting easy veggie recipes when I’d sooner be a couch potato.

Take these (below). And do this (above). No, really – that’s it.


The hardest thing was podding the board beans, which I’ve never done before. I get an amazing organic veg box once a week and love trying things I would never think twice about buying in a supermarket. This week was the turn of broad beans. I’m sure I’ve probably eaten them before, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought and prepped them, certainly not without having been released from their pods.

I have to admit that, net, I don’t think it was worth it. Yes, they tasted great, and it wasn’t difficult, but the return didn’t seem worth the effort or the waste (what to do with all the skins?! I wish I’d had an animal to feed!). In fact, I had to add a tin of kidney beans to bulk it out.

The recipe, you ask? Take those beans, an onion, some cous cous, some feta and some mint and throw it together. I added a bit of lemon juice and garlic, too. Ok, really: pod, chop, cook (if you can call what you do to cous cous ‘cooking’) and then throw it together. That’s all.

*I really hope I’m not self-righteous about it, but since I’ve been thinking and learning about food production, it’s really hard not to get just a little angry and a tiny bit preachy…


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